Our Team


Aloha Loyal Viewer,
Punish’UM Motorsports was founded in the summer of 1999. The name PunishUM came about when founder Tracy Arakaki and his partner MMA fighting coach Eddie Cruce had a clothing line called Punish’UM Fightwear. The idea for a motorsports TV show soon followed and what to name this new show? The name Punish’UM was kept and the words Fightwear was changed to Motorsports.

The concept was to have a news magazine format covering all aspects of Hawaii’s motorsports community. The first show was taped in February of 2000 and aired in March. Punish’UM became a monthly show on Olelo for over 3 years. In 2004 it was decided to revamp the show and take PunishUM to a network station. It took nearly 2 years but in November of 2005 the “Next Evolution” of the show aired on local WB Network station K 5 in Prime Time. With absolutely no promotion, Punish’UM started to generate a buzz all over again.

Now over 10 years since Punish’UM first aired, the show has evolved from a rag tag group of volunteers on public access to an experienced staff from almost every major network station.

Punish’UM is continually recognized for its excellence in programming. Punish’UM has received “4” international Telly awards in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006. One for every year our show has been submitted for this prestigious award. No other competitor can make that claim.

PunishUM has made another step forward and has found a new home on Hawaii’s Number “1” station KHON, FOX 2 and OC16.

The staff would like to thank you the viewers and especially the sponsors for your support. Many of you have been watching us from the beginning and we look forward to continue our promise to you the viewer of quality motorsports coverage second to none. We will go to great lengths to bring the action into your living rooms no matter where Hawaii’s sons and daughters compete anywhere in the world.

Tracy Arakaki
Executive Producer